Sports Sunglasses


Look the part and protect your vision with adidas performance sports sunglasses

We know how important it is to protect all parts of your body while you are working out, and this includes your eyes. That is why we have put together a collection of stylish, specialist performance sports sunglasses. You should have no trouble finding the sunglasses you need from our collection. This includes our Protean range, which has been designed for clear vision and comfort. These sunglasses have a lightweight design, with a non-slip fit and durable lenses that resist scratching. Our sunglasses are very popular, with some of them offering workout-ready features in an everyday design. If you are planning on hitting the mountains, look no further than our dirt goggles. These mountain biking goggles help you maintain a distraction-free and clear view of the trail ahead thanks to their wide field of vision. They fit in place with siliconised head strap locks and are shatter-proof and lightweight, featuring anti-fog lenses to keep you from misting up, even on humid days.

Sport sunglasses for all environments at adidas

Wearing performance sport sunglasses is important while working out, primarily for your safety. Our range of sunglasses has been designed to provide a snug fit, ensuring there are no nasty accidents while you are working out. We also have sunglasses that are designed to protect your eyes while outdoors in specific conditions. Nevertheless, not only do our sunglasses ensure safety, but they help you to excel too, increasing your range of vision so that you can explore and exercise more efficiently.

In order to make the best use of this product, we recommend searching for sunglasses based on whether you’re looking for a pair for general wear or a specific sport. You can then narrow down your selection based on style.