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Make a statement with our sports shoulder bags

Carry your workout wear in style with one of the sports shoulder bags that we have in our collection. No matter whether you prefer classic adidas designs or you are looking for something more vibrant and eye-catching, we have got you covered. We've also got a number of club-inspired sports shoulder bags so you can show your support for your favourite team while looking stylish. Our products have been designed with both style and the environment in mind. A number of the tote bags that we have for sale have been crafted using recycled polyester, showing our commitment to doing our part for the environment.

Stay organised and look great while hitting the gym

The sports bags that we have for sale will complete your gym outfit to perfection. They will also ensure that all of your belongings are organised. There are so many things that you need to take to the gym, from your water bottle to your towel and any of the sports analytics and tracking equipment you use. Or, maybe you’re planning on going swimming? If so, you will need everything from your swimwear and towel to your body wash for the showers. Rather than having everything in a jumbled mess, you can keep it nice and organised. This is especially beneficial if you are a coach and you have a lot of different items with you. After all, you will want to keep your clipboard and papers away from any sportswear.

Don’t just consider the appearance of our sports shoulder bags when shopping this range, look at the different compartments so you can determine what sort of bag is going to be most suitable for you and your needs. We're sure this will help you choose the perfect bag for you.