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High Waist Midi Skirts


High waist midi skirts

Always at the forefront of subculture fashion, adidas has a long history with urban wear and sports clothing cross-overs. In the 90s, sports midi skirts with bold branding became the uniform of the powerful female through the clubs and on the hip-hop music scene. Still a favourite fashion choice, adidas high waist midi skirts are as bold and uncompromising as ever. Stretchy cotton midi skirts create lines that comfortably contour your physique, while adidas satin midi skirts have a flair that mixes flamboyant cuts with sports chic. The craftsmanship is of the high standards you would expect to find in any item sporting the adidas logo. Whether you are wearing your high waist midi skirt for playing sport or going out with the girls, you can feel confident, comfortable and empowered.

Beating your own drum

Sport chic is a bold fashion choice that expands your sporty lifestyle into your recreational quality time. High waist midi skirts from adidas proudly straddle the line between what is good and durable on your chosen field of play and what is stylish and comfortable in your chosen restaurant. Feeling confident as you step out of your front door is so important when dealing with the modern world. The clothes you choose to wear are seen as indicators of how you feel. High waist midi skirts from adidas have the quality and history to project your personality, showing the world you are not afraid to make strong decisions. This is your time, and adidas midi skirts help you show those around you how much you like being you.

Trust your instincts

The lifestyle you choose is all about being who you want to be. These are your decisions, it’s your life and no one has the right to tell you how to lead it. High waist midi skirts from adidas are comfortable, durable and stylish. They have an air of classic design while remaining firmly in the world of modern fashion. It’s your choice.