Men's Wallets


Who said men’s wallets can’t turn heads?

Forget the humble wallet that spent most of its life tucked away in the back pocket of your jeans or the inside pocket of your parka. Remodeled, redesigned and re-mastered, our take on the modern wallet for men has given birth to a product you’ll be dying to showcase with every single opportunity you get. Notes, coins and credit cards now have a home that looks and feels cool. Enjoy the transparent ID compartment alongside the hook-and-loop closure and zip coin pocket. Made from top of the range materials and put together by new age product designers, our men’s wallets were made to do so much more than manage your finances. A piece of male attire that often goes unnoticed will now turn heads and start conversations.

Men’s wallets are back with a bang

Men’s wallets have never been an item to garner attention. The reason? They’ve always been an item that serves a purpose but never a product that expresses its owner. The adidas range of men’s wallets is here to change that. Impeccable stitching, vogue design and practical size and weight comprise a wallet that men will be proud to carry, use and put on display. The sporty yet formal look of the wallet makes it suitable for use around the clock without the need to make the distinction between outfits.

The adidas wallet for men is the one thing that’ll never leave your pocket

Sleek, minimal and with an abundance of space to save your cash and cards, this men’s wallet was made for the man who’s always on the go. Designed to complement your outfits for every occasion, this range of men’s wallets is the product of exhaustive testing and experimenting. Our team wanted to create a wallet that men would be able to use with ease. An intuitive product that with a few simple moves can store and display its contents, making your life simpler.