Men's Bathrobes


Kick back and relax with adidas men’s bathrobes

Whether it’s something you throw on in a quick post-shower turnaround or a weekend uniform that you never take off, there’s no doubt that the men’s bathrobe is indispensable. And just because it’s mostly paraded around in the privacy of your own home, doesn’t mean that your dressing gown can’t be as fashionable as the rest of your wardrobe. The adidas range of men’s bathrobes offers the perfect mix of comfort and style, whether you’re covering up before you start your day, or wrapping up cosy at the end of the night.

The height of comfort

adidas dressing gowns are made from 100% cotton, which means they tick all the bathrobe boxes: warm, thick and fluffy. A true investment piece, these machine-washable men’s bathrobes are also strong enough to withstand the test of a hundred showers.

Lounge in style

adidas has definitely designed their men’s bathrobes with lounging in mind. A long belt wraps around your waist for security, while spacious front pockets provide ample space for your remote and your phone. Because of the lightweight fabric, the adidas range of men’s bathrobes can also be popped into your gym bag for a post-swim reward. These bathrobes are quick drying too, so don’t worry about carrying a damp dressing gown into the office.

Two stunning colourways

The adidas men’s bathrobe is available in two contrasting yet equally stylish colourways: Raw White and Real Magenta. Choose Raw White for a soft cocoon that suits all skintones and a luxurious spa-feel, or go Real Magenta for a sumptuous splash of colour and a dressing gown that will look striking hanging on any bathroom door. Whatever colour you choose, team your adidas men’s dressing gown with your fluffy adidas towel for a coordinated post-workout cooldown.