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Mens Sports Sunglasses


Stay active in the sun with men’s performance sports sunglasses

The adidas collection of men’s performance sports sunglasses offers a secure, comfortable fit while you’re working out, whether you’re running, riding a bike, trading rallies on the tennis court or playing a pick-up game. When you’re staying active outdoors, sports sunglasses allow you to see with greater accuracy and react faster, which can boost performance and give you the extra edge. Apart from diminishing glare and protecting your eyes from UV rays, men’s sports sunglasses enhance contrast to help you see more clearly. Combining performance and safety, protective eyewear also reduces the risk of sport-related eye injuries, particularly if you’re playing tennis, squash or badminton. Many eye injuries are a result of jabs by fingers and elbows, especially in close-contact sports such as basketball.

Workout-ready sunglasses for optimal performance

adidas men’s performance sports sunglasses are equipped with workout-ready features so you can stay active while protecting your eyes. Advanced features include SPX® ultra-lightweight frames that are allergy-free and scratch-resistant, and multi-layered polycarbonate Vision Advantage™ lenses for crystal-clear vision with UV protection. A custom fit is ensured by adaptable Double-Snap Nose Pads™ and Traction Grip™ non-slip contact points on the temples so the sunglasses are stable and don’t slide off. Men’s sports sunglasses by adidas are also compatible with prescription lenses if you wear glasses on a daily basis. If you’re a keen mountain biker, adidas has helmet-compatible sunglasses and goggles that are lightweight and shatterproof. The anti-fog polycarbonate lens offers a wide field of vision so you can see the trail ahead, while the silicone strap ensures a comfortable fit when you’re discovering new trails. Lightweight sunglasses are an essential accessory for active people and everyday athletes. Available in a number of classic and fashion-forward styles including wraparound designs, sports sunglasses for men will keep you looking good both on and off the court.