Men's Invisible Socks

£8 - £20

Men’s invisible socks

Socks are an important part of your footwear when it comes to sport or just looking good. The simple fact is that not wearing socks, though looking great, will cause damage to your feet. Men’s invisible socks from adidas cure this problem. Cut low on the ankle to give the impression of not wearing socks when strutting in a pair of classic adidas trainers, while being crafted to the highest specification to give both comfort and protection. Invisible men’s socks from adidas allow you to have the style and look you want without having to compromise on the health of your feet. Every detail in the production process has been considered to ensure the end result is nothing short of what you would expect from one of the world’s leading sportswear manufacturers.

What the eye doesn’t see

Just because men’s invisible socks from adidas appear to be doing exactly what their name suggests, disappearing, don’t think for one minute that any less thought has gone into the design. The cut and stitching of adidas invisible socks for men are produced to the same level of quality as if these were a clothing product that would be on display all the time. The lines are in tune with the shape of your feet. Everyone is different and adidas knows this, that is why careful consideration was spent on the various fabrics throughout the range. Durable and flexible materials have been tailored to wrap around any shaped foot with ease. Soft against the skin with a top hemmed to reduce slippage and virtually eliminate the sock riding down the heel. A lot of creative thought was also put into the style and general aesthetic of men’s invisible socks. There are times in the changing room when you will not be wearing your adidas runners and in these moments the style choices made in the design of the fashion elements give you a bold and sporty look.

Look good, feel great

The invisible men’s socks are every bit the quality you would expect from anything else you would purchase from adidas. If they were anything less, adidas wouldn’t put their name on them.