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Men's Black Sunglasses

Originals Sunglasses OR0033
Sport Sunglasses SP0015
Sport Sunglasses SP0029-H
Sport Sunglasses SP0018
Sport Sunglasses SP0015
Sport Sunglasses SP0047
Originals Sunglasses OR0025
Originals Sunglasses OR0025
Originals Sunglasses OR0012
Original Sunglasses OR0074
Original Sunglasses OR0068
OR0065 Original Sunglasses
Sport Sunglasses SP0043
Sport Sunglasses SP0041
Sport Sunglasses SP0029-H

Men’s black sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential component of men’s accessories. They provide protection to the eyes and also make you look stylish. The collection of men's black sunglasses by adidas is carefully curated for you and includes some of the best sunglasses that are designed to deliver. These sunglasses are made to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and add on to your style. They go with all kinds of outfits and increase your overall appeal. Whether you are on or off the field, these men's black sunglasses are a great choice and will make you look good. They come with adidas’s assurance of high standards and deliver on the promises.

Made for you

Made from ultra light SPX™ material, the men's black sunglasses are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They are also flexible and don’t break easily. Thanks to Vision Advantage™ multi-layered polycarbonate lenses, these sunglasses keep your vision clear and crisp. Moreover, with the polycarbonate coated, scratch resistant double lenses, you don’t need to worry much about the protection of the lenses. The wrap around feature provides a non slip fit and the Double-Snap Nose Pads™ elevate the comfort of the sunglasses. They are designed to provide the best protection and comfort.

Sports centric

The men's black sunglasses by adidas are made while keeping in mind your active lifestyle. They are designed to go through an active day without compromising on the comfort they provide. They are made from SPX™ frame material and are very lightweight so they don’t hinder your movements. With Traction Grip™ non slip contact points, they fit perfectly and don’t fall off easily. These men's black sunglasses are made for the athlete in you and they can be worn through any and all kinds of activities.