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Men's Black Backpacks


Wherever you are and wherever you're going - the adidas range of men's black backpacks will take you places in style. Choose from small, medium and large black backpacks for men, each with a variety of handy pockets and compartments.

Classic Future Icon 3-Stripes Backpack
4ATHLTS ID Backpack
4ATHLTS Camper Backpack
City Xplorer Backpack
Essentials 3-Stripes Response Backpack
Badge of Sport Backpack
Go-To Backpack
Terrex AEROREADY Multisport Backpack
Classic Graphic Backpack
adidas Street Camper Backpack
Multigame Racquet Bag
Motion Badge of Sport Graphic Backpack
VS.6 Black/Gold Backpack
VS.6 Black/Gold Stick Sleeve
VS.6 Black/Gold Holdall Bag
VS.6 Black/Gold Hockey Stick Bag
Classic Response Camouflage Backpack
adidas Adventurer Toploader Backpack Small
R.Y.V. Top-Loader Bag
R.Y.V. Backpack
Power ID Backpack
Endurance Packing System Backpack
X-City Backpack
Adicolor Classic Backpack Small
Tiro 21 AEROREADY Backpack
Y-3 Tech Backpack
Future Icon Backpack
Motion Linear Backpack
Y-3 Utility Backpack
X-City Backpack
City Xplorer Backpack
Terrex Lightweight Backpack
X-City Backpack
Classic Badge of Sport Backpack
4CMTE Prime Vest Backpack
Adicolor Classic Backpack
Classic Tote Backpack
adidas Adventure Top-Loader Backpack
adidas Adventure Backpack Large

Men’s black backpacks

Street-smart and classic adidas styling come to the fore in this stunning men’s black backpacks range. Designed for living, the latest fabrics and technology have been used to bring you not only great functionality but cool, head-turning looks. Comfort is key, and kit can weigh you down. By choosing an adidas men's black backpack with its strong, adjustable straps, you can spread that heavy load throughout your upper body without adding strain to your back or neck. In life and in sports, timing can be everything, and choosing a men's black backpack with a wide, easy loading opening can shave away some of those vital seconds, helping to keep you organized and ready for anything.

Funky and functional

Athletes come in all shapes, sizes, fitness levels and abilities, so the designers at adidas have created the black backpack men's range to reflect your differing needs. A good sports kit is smart to look at, functional, strong and versatile, and when you choose your sports kit, you need items that will store easily, survive tough conditions and adapt to different uses. That’s why the adidas men’s black backpack isn’t just great for carrying your kit to and from the gym - the laptop pocket lets you go straight from work to the gym or track, keeping your device securely stowed while you power on with your workout.

Stay ahead of the game

Smart looks good on you, and even from behind you know you can make an impression. Wearing an eye-catching men's black backpack on your commute will add confidence to your stride. adidas men's black backpacks are so versatile, just one bag can take you from the gym to the office, the office to the park, the park to the pub – and it’s also perfect for that family day out.