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Cropped Sweatshirts


Cropped sweatshirts

Make your mark with stylish pullovers that boast a daring cut. The collection of adidas cropped sweatshirts will give you a confident edge when you’re out and about. Finishing at different lengths along the midriff, these tops give an athletic appearance and come in a range of groovy patterns. A striking item to have in your closet, they naturally add an expressive element to outfits. As well as being fashionable, a cropped sweatshirt provides an unrivalled level of comfort. Fantastic for lounging on the sofa or heading to see friends, getting dressed becomes much simpler.

Embrace the cotton life

Designed to make life easier, Cropped Sweatshirts are built with only the softest materials. Incorporated in many models is cotton French terry, a smooth fabric that delivers a stay-at-home feel. Thanks to a thick make-up it keeps you warm when you need it most. Cotton is however also breathable and ensures consistent ventilation so that you don’t overheat. Opt for an adidas cropped sweatshirt and help make a difference through the Better Cotton Initiative, which aims to improve the sustainability of farming. Snug on the body and ethically sound, these shirts are the complete package.

Find the shape that suits you

With a diverse range of cropped shirts available, there’s plenty of room for customisation. There are models intended for casual wear while others are great for exercise. Sporty designs feature moisture-absorbing fabrics that get rid of sweat. Take them to the yoga studio or athletics track and workout with confidence. Quarter and half-zip styles add an extra touch of sophistication. Ribbed cuffs provide a more fitted feel while loose sleeves give a relaxed vibe. Hems fitted with drawstrings let you adjust the tightness around your stomach. There are cropped sweatshirts with distinctive retro roots, taking inspiration from 90s streetwear. Also, adidas prints and patterns are delivered with understated grace. You can find sizes available for women and youths.