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adidas Capris


adidas Capris

Be prepared for any activity with the iconic in-between trousers that are adidas capris. These designs have a casual sporty vibe and can be worn in a broad variety of settings, whether to the gym or the local shopping centre. Capri trousers are more sophisticated than shorts and provide comfortable coverage, while still affording plenty of freedom of movement. adidas offers a range of trendy styles to choose from, using contrasting colourways to highlight a retro look. Easily partnered with a pair of trainers or casual sneakers, adidas capris are versatile and complement a variety of outfits.

Snug, tapered comfort

Designed to deliver a relaxed feel, adidas capris have streamlined cuts that hug your legs for a flattering fit. Built with exercise and sports performance in mind, the stretchy materials in these designs allow you to stay limber. Whether you're off to yoga or a solo jog, you can keep your mind focused on what’s ahead and not on what you’re wearing below. Models are made with quality fabrics such as recycled polyester and cotton. These materials are soft to touch and breathable too, making overheating is a distant memory. You’ll also stay dry even as you work up a sweat as the moisture-wicking fabrics help your skin stay fresh. You can wear adidas capris all day long and breeze through your day with effortless comfort.

Define your style

adidas capris come in a wide selection of prints and fits, letting you shape your look to match your personality. Side pockets provide unrivalled practicality and make it easy to head out without a bag. Elastic waists and drawcords keep the trousers fitted to your hips throughout a workout. These lightweight capris will become your go-to item when dressing, suited to a range of environments and weather conditions. They’re long enough to keep you warm when the temperature drops, while the bare ankles will still cool you down when the heat rises.