adidas / June 2023

Why Ultraboosts Are Great For Running

Are Ultraboosts good for running? Read why the adidas Ultraboost Light is a great running shoe, whether you’re an avid marathoner or an on-the-go trailblazer.

POV: it's 2015 and the adidas Ultraboost is the new kid on the block. They tick the style boxes with a premium, sleek design. 
But are Ultraboosts good for running? The answer is yes. Built on runners' insights, their Boost technology promises epic energy in every stride. 
Fast forward a few years and Ultraboosts are still front of mind. Runners are clicking 'add to bag’ so they can secure a pair, get in their miles and round off their athleisure look.
Now we’re introducing our latest addition to the Ultraboost family - Ultraboost Light. The Light BOOST midsole featured in the Ultraboost Light welcomes a new generation of adidas BOOST. This makes it the lightest Ultraboost ever, with hundreds of BOOST capsules bursting with epic energy every time your foot hits the tarmac.

Are Ultraboosts Good For Running?

Popular in the fashion scene, today's performance Ultraboost footwear is designed for running. But who doesn't want to look stylish in their stride? It's a win-win situation.
Just like previous versions, Ultraboost Light helps runners give their all every time. They've been tried and tested by athletes who need top performance from their gear. Here's why runners hype the Ultraboost time and time again: 

Anatomy Of A Running Shoe: Ultraboost Light



The benefits of Ultraboost start from the bottom up. Reinforced with Continental™ Rubber, the lightweight outsole provides grip for all kinds of surfaces. And enough flexibility to ensure a smooth, secure stride. Gone are the days of skipping your run due to unpredicted showers. Ain’t nothing gonna break your stride.


The Ultraboost Light is our lightest ever, made with 30% lighter BOOST material. Each tiny capsule within the midsole works together to deliver epic energy with every stride.

Linear Energy Point (LEP)

The Linear Energy Point (LEP) delivers a high level of responsiveness as the foot transitions through the gait cycle.


Made in part with recycled materials, the Ultraboost Light uses Primeknit + FORGED technology to provide a cushy, sock-like fit, designed not to slip.

Epic Energy. Lightest Ever.

Less weight, but ultimate cushioning and responsiveness: with these three factors in mind, Ultraboost Light is built to deliver an epic energy running experience, mile after mile. Check out our Ultraboost Size Guide for more tips on finding your perfect fit.
So, are Ultraboosts good for running? It goes without saying, they’re a runner’s top pick - both fashionable and functional. Choose from a range of signature adidas designs so you can flex your unique style.
adidas / June 2023