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Black Swimming Caps


Capping off your swim gear with black swimming caps

Dedicated swimmers know full well that high-quality headgear makes a world of difference—whether regularly exercising in the pool, putting in those hours of training or participating in competitions. They offer a wide range of benefits, from reducing hydrodynamic drag allowing you to glide through the water and take seconds off your time or keeping your hair out of your face and protecting it from constant exposure to water and chlorine. And with this selection of black swimming caps, all those benefits are combined with a sleek design that takes your swimwear look to the next level.

Use your head

Used by some of the world’s best swimmers and trusted by athletes for decades, trusting in this selection of black swimming caps from adidas to perform to the highest standards is truly a no-brainer. Technological innovations included pre-moulded designs with variable thickness for reduced wrinkles on the cap and 3D ergonomic shapes for unbeatable comfort. The range also allows swimmers to get what they want out of these black swimming caps, with coated fabric styles that offer superb water resistance or 100% silicone caps for an even more streamlined shape that gets you ahead of the competition. Every swimmer is different, and each one can find their ideal black swimming cap here with adidas.

For stealthy swimmers

Black goes with everything but never goes out of fashion, so these black swimming caps are a perfect addition to your swim gear. Whether you’re simply looking for a functional cap that will never look out of place or you are putting together a sleek all-black ensemble for a future swim meet, these swimming caps won’t let you down, complete with iconic adidas details such as the iconic logo or 3-Stripes. High-performance with a stealthy aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with these black swimming caps.