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Messenger Bags for Women


Messenger bags for women: classic, practical and stylish

Messenger bags originated as a lightweight bag for delivering mail that could be slung over the shoulder or attached to a horse’s saddle. The style evolved and became commonly used by army medics, utility repairmen and bike couriers. Today, messenger bags have transformed into an urban fashion icon for carrying your essentials. Embellished with the signature 3-Stripes and adidas Trefoil logo, adidas messenger bags for women have a sophisticated sporty style and plenty of functionality. A versatile bag that is practical and fashionable, the streamlined design allows you to keep your essentials on hand without overloading your pockets. Lightweight, wearable messenger bags for women have a comfortable fit and are easy to sling over your shoulder. Composed of sturdy materials such as plain weave polyester and polyurethane imitation leather, the durable construction ensures that your adidas messenger bag will last for years to come.

A utilitarian carry-all

adidas messenger bags for women are available in a range of practical sizes, so you can find one that is right for your needs. Compact messenger bags can easily hold your keys, phone and wallet and are perfect for taking to the gym or going out with friends. Add your passport and boarding pass and use it as a sturdy travel bag that can safely store your belongings in crowded places. The interior lining and waterproof finish ensure your essentials are protected in wet weather, while the adjustable shoulder strap lets you find the right length for carrying your bag comfortably. Front and inner pockets with buckle or zip closures allow you to stay organised on the go. Before you head out the door, grab a mini adidas messenger bag for women, which is just the right size for your phone and money. The adjustable strap lets you wear it comfortably around your waist, on your back or over your shoulder, whether you’re going out to walk the dog, watch your team play or attend a music festival.