White Towels & Bathrobes

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White towels & bathrobes

Whether you’re heading to the gym for a training session or to the swimming pool for a few laps, taking along a towel is essential to ensure you can dry off after exercising. There’s something about white towels & bathrobes that implies a freshness and comfort that other colours just can’t match, so if that’s what you’re after you’ll love the styles available in the adidas collection. Towels are available in various sizes, as well as bathrobes that give you a feeling so cosy you won’t want to take yours off.

Quality for your skin

When choosing a towel or a bathrobe, it’s important to ensure that only quality materials have been used to offer your skin protection as it dries. In this collection of white towels & bathrobes, adidas has used only the highest quality cotton which has quick-drying properties. This ensures you’ll stay free of unwanted moisture and humidity after your swim, which is essential following an intense exercise session. These white towels & bathrobes have also all been designed with your comfort in mind, using lightweight material to ensure that you can travel light to the gym and won’t have to carry extra weight on your shoulders after a tiring exercise session.

Make confidence your style

Pick one of the white towels & bathrobes from the adidas collection and step out of the swimming pool or training room in confidence. The addition of a belt to bathrobes gives you better coverage and a secure fit, while pockets allow you to keep a few essential items handy as you walk around to stretch out. Choose a large towel for comfort and cosiness around the swimming pool, or go for a smaller one which can be folded away into its own pocket, making it easy to take with you around the gym.