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Slip On Skate Shoes


Slip-on skate shoes

To be on trend and skate in style, try a pair of slip-on skate shoes from adidas. Ideal for any age or ability, our easy-to-slip-on skate shoes come in a range of designs and styles that ensure you’re fashionable, whether you’re on the ramp or in the street. These laceless skateboarding shoes allow your feet the maximum flexibility and help control your movements precisely with the right grip whilst on your board. With the correct pair of adidas slip on skate shoes, you can improve your performance.

Designed for skaters

Well-designed skate shoes are a skateboarder’s best friend, as you’re likely to wear them for a long period of time, so you need the best fit. Our slip on skate shoes have a tight fit, which will prevent injury and friction when skating. The flat-soled slip on skate shoes feature a vulcanised rubber outsole that allows your feet to feel the board precisely, with some added flexible Geoflex tread for superior grip. The upper shoe consists of sturdy and durable material, often Primeknit textile, with connection areas double or triple stitched for extra strength and support. For added comfort and a lightweight feel, some of our slip-on skate shoes provide a comfortable sock-like fit.

Women's skater clothes

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of slip on skate shoes to go with your skateboarding clothing, then check out the adidas range to complete your outfit. Featuring a range of unisex designs, as well as feminine styles and colours, you can match your outerwear to your footwear. Choose from suede, Primeknit or canvas uppers in a traditional design or ultra-edgy ankle high style that also offers added stability when skating. Whether you’re trying out new tricks or want to add some urban flare to your look, take control of both your movements and style with a pair of slip on skate shoes from adidas.