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Red · Bikini Bottoms


Ride the wave in sporty red bikini bottoms

Whether you prefer cresting the wave or slamming a spike down the sideline, our red bikini bottoms are always ready for the perfect camera shot. These items ride low about the waist and high around the hips for dynamic, free-flowing movement when you need it. Constructed with recycled poly blended materials, they are fully lined with adequate rear coverage for comfort and protection. Our Infinitex fabrics resist the ravages of chlorine so they look just as fresh next summer, and the UV 50+ treatment blocks harsh sunlight, so you can keep rolling all day long.

Worn by high-performance athletes

More than attractive beachwear, red bikini bottoms from adidas are high-performance equipment for female athletes who take their sports seriously. Hanging ten on the surfboard or in full stretch to keep the ball in play, they always stay in place no matter how much you flex or crouch. Shock-red versions perform excellent duty as substitutes when on lifeguard patrol while the adidas semi-flash red pairs are perfect for the community pool. You can also use them for endurance training, running along a sandy beach for a versatile run and swim workout.   

Fluid range of motion

If you prefer performing your summer yoga routine at the beach, adidas red bikini bottoms provide fluid range of motion for all your difficult postures. Once you’ve realigned your chakras and rebalanced your Qi, take an invigorating dip in the sea as your just reward. These body-hugging products are available in various sizes from 2XS to L or 30" to 40", depending on the model you choose. Rinse with mild soap and water directly after wear or use the delicate cycle with cold water for a machine wash. Avoid bleach, fabric softeners and always line dry. No ironing required.