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Pink Bum Bags


Lightweight, comfortable pink bum bags

The collection of adidas pink bum bags provide a feminine touch to your workout outfits when you strap one around your waist. These bags are also offered in crossbody styles that fit diagonally across the torso. These accessories are crafted from materials like plain weave, lightweight 100 % polyester, and heavier 150D polyester, so you can pick one that offers the amount of durability you want. If you pick a pink bum bag with an adjustable belt, it provides a comfortable fit that adapts to fit you perfectly, even if your weight fluctuates a bit.

Keeps personal items organized and handy

When you’re working out or enjoying a busy day, choosing a bag from this selection of pink bum bags provides a way to keep necessary items close at hand. Some styles have design elements like dual zippered pouches, so you can put your money and phone in one and your keys or a comb and makeup in the other. Other pink bum bag styles have one large pouch with an inner compartment that’s conveniently placed on the inner wall of the bag, so it rests securely against your body. This is ideal for organizing your bag and for storing your money or phone for safekeeping. Plastic or metal zippers securely close these waist bags to keep your things where you put them.

For working out or going out in crowds

Strap a pink bum bag from adidas around your waist when you’re going out to exercise or going anywhere there’s a crowd. This style of sleek low-profile bag stays close against your body for extra security. Buckle closures on the bags make it easy for you to snap them in place or remove them after a workout. These bags may also be emblazoned with reflective adidas logos that make it easy for people in cars to see you when you’re out for a night time jog or walk, and the Trefoil logo or 3-Stripes design help show your sporty, athletic side.