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Go retro with adidas Original

You really can’t beat a classic look. Whether you’re searching for shoes, tracksuits, jackets, bags, or other essential accessories, there’s something unique and special about the clean lines and bold blocks of colour associated with our famous adidas Originals. There’s nowhere to hide – and we don’t want to, because we love our history just as much as you do. We’ve sorted through the most popular styles from the last few decades, made a few improvements, and put them into one easy-to-browse category, all so you can find the perfect adidas retro item for your wardrobe.

Durable and reliable

There’s a reason our adidas Originals keep on standing the test of time. We believe it has everything to do with trust – trust inspired and maintained by the consistent quality, comfort, and polished look of our most iconic pieces. We take great care in selecting the right fabrics and materials for the clothes and shoes you love, because we know how important great support is when you need to give your best. Adopting a vintage style doesn’t mean giving up practicality either, which is why all of our pieces are easy to clean and care for. Whether you’re after a top-notch pair of sweat-wicking jogging bottoms or a more eco-conscious selection of workout gear, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our adidas Originals line.

Full original or just a hint

Feeling proper nostalgic? Dress yourself from head to toe in pure adidas vintage. Choose from a selection of exciting variations on our iconic Trefoil logo, or opt for a more classic 3-Stripes look, available in a wide range of stunning colours. Or maybe you’re looking for a single piece to add a bit of old-school feel to a more modern outfit, without going overboard. However you want to make our adidas Originals work for you, it's your choice.