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Men's Travel Bags

Essentials Logo Shoulder Bag
Classic Essential Organizer Bag
Essentials Logo Duffel Bag Medium
4ATHLTS Duffel Bag Large
Essentials Logo Duffel Bag Extra Small
Classic Future Icon 3-Stripes Waist Bag
Linear Classic Daily Backpack
X-City Backpack
4ATHLTS ID Waist Bag
Essentials Logo Backpack
Classic Backpack
Power VI Backpack
City Xplorer Backpack
X-City Backpack
Classic 3-Stripes Horizontal Backpack
Motion Linear Backpack
Power VI Backpack
4ATHLTS Duffel Bag Extra Small
Classic Future Icon 3-Stripes Backpack
Classic Badge of Sport Backpack 3
Classic Badge of Sport Backpack
Essentials Logo Backpack
Running Gear Waist Bag
Trolley Bag Medium
4ATHLTS Organizer
Weekender Bag
adidas Street Dance Backpack
City Xplorer Backpack
Essentials Logo Bum Bag
Power VI Backpack
Classic Graphic Backpack
Daily Waist Bag
Classic Camo Backpack
City Xplorer Backpack
4ATHLTS Duffel Bag Small
Future Icon Backpack
Tiro Primegreen Bottom Compartment Duffel Bag Medium
Essentials 3-Stripes Shoulder Bag
Running Gear Bottle Bag
Motion Badge of Sport Backpack
Motion Linear Graphic Backpack
Weekender Bag
adidas Street Camper Backpack
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Men’s travel bags

Strong and durable, versatile and easy to transport, these adidas travel bags for men come in a wide selection of styles and sizes to suit many sporting and leisure needs. Great attention to detail has been used to design this range, with you, the traveller, very much in mind during every stage. You’ll get your hands on your kit quickly and easily when it’s packed into an adidas men's travel bag.

Enjoy the ride

Designed to perform, men’s travel bags with wheels will take the strain, and bags with telescopic handles make storage on public, private or team transport so much easier. When packing your travel bag for that important away game, you’ll find the added benefit of a shoe compartment invaluable. Keeping sports shoes separated from the rest of the kit not only protects them from damage but will keep the rest of the kit away from any surplus soil or dirt on the shoes. Name holder luggage labels allow you to quickly and easily distinguish your kit from the rest of the team’s travel bags. And should the worst happen and your travel bag gets lost, the label will make it much easier to track it down.

Take adidas with you

You lead a busy, active life, so you need reliability. When you buy an adidas travel bag for men, you are not only buying a smart storage solution, you are buying a brand that you can trust. adidas make travel bags for men and women who believe that quality counts. Men's travel bags are the perfect carry-on for business trips, to hold your laptop or files for that key presentation, for weekend breaks, away games and training events. Whichever road you travel and whatever journey you take in life - take adidas with you.