Hot Pants

Hot pants are an enduring symbol of summer and fun-times, and are as good for working out as they are for chilling out in. Our range includes hot pants in a wide range of colours, with attractive patterns and iconic brand logos.

Hot pants

Whether you are striding to the gym, pacing on the track, or exerting yourself on the field, adidas hot pants serve the needs and expectations of all kinds of athletes. Inspired to provide you with the utmost comfort and performance, adidas offers a wide range of durable and comfy hot pants which also add vogue to your sports clothing. Hot pants are ideal for summer workout and training sessions and allow you to focus with minimum distraction. To conquer the hard-hitting heat, the shorts are powered with technology that sweeps away the sweat and provides ventilation to keep you dry and fresh. The soft and lightweight fabric enhances the comfort, and wide waistband provides a firm grip and induces confidence in the movements. adidas hot pants range includes shorts with UV resistance to guard your skin while you focus to be a champion in the sunny outdoors. Some models are also available with 360-degree reflectivity to ensure safety during night runs. Hot pants from adidas integrate all the features to keep you prepared to take on the day in full style and comfort.

Regular, loose, snug fits: compression, muscle vibration

Be it running, cycling, beach volleyball, diving, swimming, or yoga, these short shorts make every activity fun-filled and enjoyable. You get full liberty of movement and take pleasure in every move you make. You can choose from regular, loose, and snug fit to best suit your body and activity and enhance your performance. If you are fond of activities which would exert thrust on your muscles like running, jogging, Crossfit, etc, then the compression fit hot pants can prove a boon.

Styling your hot pants

Whether you are a sportsperson or not, hot pants are all the rage for everyone in all spheres of life. If fabric properties and performance cuts make them perfect for activities, bold colours and crazy patterns create enthusiasm otherwise. Wear them with tees or utilize them as a base for layering, hot pants are great for defying conventions and defining new trends.