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High Waist Hot Pants


High waist hot pants

Summer brings its own challenges. Drawing motivation from your spirit to perform despite the hard-hitting heat, adidas high waist hot pants deliver excellence to back your summer endeavours. Whether you’re relaxing at home on your day off, hitting the track for running or cycling, sweating on the field or training at the gym, these hot pants are your best companion for taking on the heat and sweat. Powered with adidas technologies, high waist hot pants drive sweat away from your body and give you a dry and fresh experience throughout the day. This boosts your efficiency and takes your performance to another level. The mesh design provides ventilation for air circulation, keeping you cool and engrossed in your choice of sport. The lightweight fabric and mesh waistband add to comfort and airflow. High waist hot pants also come with side and back pockets to keep your small belongings safe.

Find the best high waist hot pants

High waist hot pants from adidas are synonymous with advancement and perfection. With a wide range of collections, we make it possible to cater to your specific individual needs, from sport style to everyday life. If you’re looking for a hot pant for daily activities, choose a casual style, or go for a sport-specific hot pant to give you the perfect support for training and workouts at the gym. You can also opt for a dual-layered short for a snug fit. The sweat-proof models of our high waist hot pants are perfect for keeping your essentials dry while you go that extra mile to enhance your performance.

Perfect athletic style with high waist hot pants

High waist hot pants are perfect for reflecting your athletic and competitive side in summer. Choosing casual or snug-fit shorts, you can create a style statement that others will want to follow. The slim-cut designs offer you streamlining and full flexibility of movement while running or training. A combination of classic and contemporary style and practical and comfortable design, these shorts are a must-have addition to your sports clothing wardrobe.