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Green Bomber Jackets


Green bomber jackets

The adidas line of stylish green bomber jackets features environmentally-friendly designs made from recycled polyester. Quilting and padding offer excellent insulation to keep you warm in cold weather, while quality lining and zigzag stitching give these garments a unique and stylish look. These designs are perfect for all-weather exploring and adventuring. Featuring long sleeves and a super smooth finish, adidas green bomber jackets look great teamed with joggers for a sporty look, or with jeans for laid-back weekend attire. Adjustable hems and side zip pockets are just some of the convenient features packed into these designs, allowing you to store your belongings and keep your hands toasty warm. These jackets are ideal for all kinds of weather, from blustery conditions to warmer summer days.

Why choose a bomber jacket

The best inventions are always borne out of necessity, and the bomber jacket is no exception. The jacket has its origins in 1950s Europe, when pilots used leather jackets to keep warm on propeller planes. The fleece lining gave the jackets warmth, and from a fashion point of view, the jackets were chic, with elasticated sleeves and waist, a high collar and front pockets. However, the introduction of the jet aircraft meant planes would fly at higher altitudes and in colder temperatures. And when leather jackets would get wet, the water would freeze at high altitudes, making them stiff, cold and very uncomfortable. In addition, the new jet sported a far more streamlined design meaning there was less space in the cockpit. A slim, lightweight and yet warm jacket was needed as an answer to the new style of flying, and that is why the new bomber jacket - 'the B-12' - was born. These designs had fur collars and were made from cotton. Although nylon had been discovered before the Second World War, during wartime items like parachutes took priority over flight clothing when allocating nylon supplies. After World War II, however, nylon became the new material for bomber jackets and today this low-maintenance, water resistant material is still preferred.