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Blue Bodysuits


Blue bodysuits promote simplicity, comfort and confidence

If you’re tired of hauling around several items of clothing in your gym bag each time you visit or just feel the need to simplify your overall gym wardrobe, adidas has a selection of blue bodysuits that can provide some respite from your troubles. All our models are made to fit you close, which not only preserves your body heat but also promotes easy movement in all directions when you work out. Lightweight and constructed from blended polyester fabrics, they’re also able to wick sweat away from your body so you stay dry and maintain your comfort and confidence.

Sweats are a natural fit with a blue bodysuit

Yoga and Pilates are common sports where the use of a blue bodysuit is a natural fit, and a Zumba class also comes easily to mind. But you can also use them for serious training in the gym – from squats and other lower body exercises to bench-pressing and boxing if you want to go a few rounds on the heavy bag. Women can wear theirs with a pair of sweatpants and enjoy a good run through the neighbourhood, while men can pull a sweatshirt over a blue bodysuit and enjoy a bike ride around the park.

The practical applications of adidas blue bodysuits

adidas blue bodysuits can be worn as standalone articles of clothing, but we know that for many of you there are situations when more coverage becomes necessary. Whether that’s at the gym, at home or on the street, we offer a generous collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts and tracksuit tops if you need more coverage upstairs, plus a splendid range of sweatpants, joggers and tracksuit pants when you could use an extra layer over your blue bodysuit’s legs. In fact, employed as a warm, comfortable under-layer, the bodysuit reveals yet another of its benefits and practical applications.