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Black Tote Bags

Manchester United Tote Bag
Canvas Tote Bag
Must Haves Tote Bag Medium
adidas Adventure CORDURA Cinch Tote Bag
Real Madrid Tote Bag
adidas Yoga Convertible Mat Sleeve
adidas Hot Yoga Tote Bag
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Black tote bags cover all necessities

Owning a good gym bag is a sensible decision for anyone who gets to the training centre at least three times a week or a practical necessity for those of you who hit the gym more often than that. If you are thinking about getting your first one or replacing the current one, adidas has a handful of black tote bags that roomy enough for your kit and your trainers with front pockets for a few extra items. They are built to be durable and boast shoulder straps and handles so you can carry it in whatever way is most comfortable.

The practical flexibility of a black tote bag

You can use a black tote bag as a permanent addition to your general workout kit so it can perform the specific function of being your gym bag for yoga and spin class or Zumba workouts at the studio as well as for circuit training or kickboxing sessions at the gym. You can also use a tote bag for light shopping at the mini-mart or the gas station and it is excellent for carrying some books or magazines if you’re taking a long trip on the train or a short trip abroad.

Stylish and appealing black tote bags

Our black tote bags are moderately priced so you stay within your budget and there may even be a bit of space for an extra pair of socks or similarly priced accessory. Some of you may prefer having one for the gym and another to use as a multi-purpose bag for whatever the need, and since we offer contrasting styles within the same colour, you shouldn’t have much trouble telling them apart. In fact, our black tote bags are so stylish you probably won’t mind carrying both at the same time as needs must.