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Black Hot Pants


Go head over heels with adidas black hot pants

Stay cool and fresh on your park run with the adidas black hot pants. The lightweight material is comfy and snug and will allow you to enjoy your activities without a fuss. Whether you are packing your gym bag or just want to have a relaxed chilled day indoors - these pants will suit your needs. Our range of adidas hot pants provides a casual look that is suitable for everyday use. The sweat-wicking fabric is built for ventilation - meaning you can sweat as much as you like and still feel dry. Not only is this good for your skin it will also allow you to continue with your workout confidently. Move freely and enjoy the fresh airy feel that comes with the black adidas hot pants. We are passionate about the environment and advocates of sustainable fashion so we have used recycled polyester on our products in order to save resources and reduce emissions. adidas takes comfort seriously so we have added the drawcord-adjustable waist so that you can fit your pants in accordance to your size. The adidas logo has been added on our range as a finishing touch.

Experience equals pleasure

Here at adidas we want you to have the best experience in our items, and what you wear during your workouts is key so that you have the best sessions. When you are choosing your adidas shorts, always ensure they match your activity. If you are going for a run or an intense session, then something lightweight with great ventilation would work best. If you just want to throw on a pair of black hot pants to wear whilst you lounge around the house then a slim fit, extra soft and snuggly pair will do just the trick.