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Ski & Snowboard Beanies


Ski & snowboard beanies

Skiing beanies have always been one of the best ways to combine warmth and comfort. Their snug fit makes them perfect accessories for a wide range of winter activities on the slopes, as they're not too unwieldy as to distract from what you're trying to do. They're also lightweight and relatively thin, allowing you to hear really well through them, so you don't feel like you're all muffled up against the cold. They're well-suited to all kinds of outdoor winter sports, from a bit of casual, social skiing with your friends, to flying through the air on a snowboard.

Your choice of beanies to stand out on the ski slopes

Whether you're a casual participant in outdoor sports in winter time or whether you take your sport seriously, you'll appreciate the excellent insulation properties of adidas ski & snowboard beanies. They help to cut down the wind chill factor that can sometimes have you gritting your teeth against the cold-induced earache that we all know so well. They're stylish too so you'll look good while you're at it, whether donning a brightly coloured snowboard beanie with ultra-modern styling or whether you prefer a classic monochromatic ski beanie look, with your favourite adidas logo to add some prestige.

Sleek and streamlined, or just a little flash

The durable materials that make up any of the adidas ski & snowboard beanies not only protect your head from the elements, they can also help you to make your own little fashion statement, if you prefer. Choose ones with fun pom poms, and let everyone know that you don't take life too seriously. These warm-knit beanies are also fleece-lined, so you'll feel snug as a bug as you're negotiating a downhill run—no matter what speed you prefer do it at.