Where can I purchase a Gift Card?

Last updated: 24/02/2020
You can order an electronic or physical adidas Gift Card in our Online Shop at adidas.co.uk/gift_cards and choose from one of several Gift Card designs that can be sent via e-mail or be delivered to your home address free of charge.
You can also purchase your adidas Gift Card in selected partner shops or at one of our retail stores. 

Do you already own a Gift Card? Then you can top it up at any of our retail stores. 

Keep in mind the Gift Card:
•    May have an initial value between 20£ and 250£ per card.
•    Cannot be returned
•    Cannot be exchanged for cash
•    Cannot be used to purchase another gift card
•    Cannot be purchased with a discount
•    Has a validity of 3 years
•    Will be sent to you already activated so that the card can be used right away

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Where is my order?

Log in or enter your order details in the order tracker to see your order overview. From there, you can cancel items, track the delivery status or arrange an exchange or a return.

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