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I haven't received my order

We always aim to deliver your order within our standard delivery times. However, sometimes unexpected factors can cause delays in the delivery.

Quick tips:

Double-check the delivery times for the type of product you ordered. If you have a personalized item, delivery takes 1-2 business days longer.

Check your order status with the order tracker.

Most common cases

Order is ‘On its way’ but there’s no estimated delivery date

Your order has left our warehouse and is with the carrier. For the latest delivery date, go to carrier’s website and track the delivery updates there.

Order is ‘Delivered’ but you still haven’t received your package

Check your email for updates or contact the carrier for more info. If you still need help, reach out to us—we might need the carrier's proof of delivery that was sent to you.

Order is ‘Cancelled’

Your order may have been cancelled for various reasons. You will receive an email explaining why and providing further details.

Order is ‘Not delivered’ or ‘Lost’

Your order couldn’t be delivered to your address or got lost. You'll receive an automatic refund through your original payment method, along with an email providing more details.

You received an order but it’s incomplete

It can be faster to send your order in separate packages. You can track each one's status with the order tracker. If there's no split shipment, and you’re still missing an item, contact us.