Hand Wraps

£7 - £10

Choosing the best hand wraps

Tough games require tougher protection and high-end comfort to boost your performance. Whether you are training with your mates and coaches or taking on a ferocious opponent in the ring, adidas hand wraps ensure ultimate safety and comfort. For any combat sport, your hands are the fundamental tools and contribute the most in your win. Whether you are striking a knockout punch or blocking a hard one, it’s your hands that take all the strain. The range of hand wraps from adidas is designed to protect your knuckles from injuries and your wrist from twists. These semi-elastic bands provide excellent grip. The stretchable property provides stability and firmness to your fingers and wrist, and the cotton blend makes provides added breathability. The wrap absorbs the sweat and keeps your hands dry. This avoids any slippage during a fight and prevents sores from forming due to constant moisture. The starter thumb loop makes it easier to wrap and acts as an anchor while you’re giving your all. Velcro is provided at the end of the wrap for easy and quick wrapping and solid closure that stays secure even during rough movements. The range includes the standard 2 inch width but thinner or thicker wraps are also available. What’s more, you can choose from different lengths for a firm yet flexible hold.

Hand wraps

Hand wraps not only protect your hands from hard hits and awkward twists but also fills out your gloves. Hand wraps are available for all hand sizes and fit well with an assortment of gloves. Whether you are a boxer, MMA fighter, kick-boxer, or any other martial artist, adidas’ range of hand wraps has the ideal wrap for you. You can even use them with your cricket or baseball gloves for a rock-hard grip that makes those big hits easy. With an extra protection layer for your hands, you can focus on your moves and take the strikes without any hesitation.