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Yoga Mat & Straps



Embrace your inner confidence when you practice yoga with a supportive adidas yoga mat with invaluable carry straps. We have a selection of yoga mats and yoga mat straps engineered from comfortable, lightweight materials in an array of colours and patterns. All our yoga mats with straps are lightweight and roll down neatly and easily, so they’re easy to carry and store.

If you have to walk to yoga class, a mat with handy adjustable straps is invaluable to throw over your shoulder and saunter unhindered into class. Made of strong webbed material our yoga mat straps and strings have a simple hook and loop design, so they’re easy to slip on and off your mat. Our yoga mat straps come in different colours and are lightly branded with the adidas logo.

In terms of equipment yoga is relatively straightforward, but a good-quality yoga mat is invaluable to give you the best yoga experience. Your yoga mat does much more than simply mark out your space out in class; it provides essential support for your joints and is a crucial anti-slip base to progress your postures. Yoga can be intense, so our mats are hygienic and easy to clean, simply wipe down our foam yoga mats after powerful yoga sessions to keep them fresh. We offer closed cell construction in some designs for minimal moisture absorption.

Textured, thicker yoga mats give extra grip for maximum security as you practice, preventing slips and slides in your yoga flow. Plus, they’re even more comfy to lie on, so you feel extra relaxed during peaceful cool down sessions at the end of class. For fans of hot yoga, we offer tactile, fabric style mats that can be layered over a normal yoga mat for extra grip and absorbency in extra hot environment.

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