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Ski Leggings for Women


Ski leggings for women

Stay warm on the inside and outside thanks to this adidas collection of ski leggings for women, which are designed with your needs in mind. Slide down the slopes easily and without restraint as these women style ski leggings are built using a lightweight fabric, which means they keep you warm without feeling bulky, while their tight fit means they will act like a second skin and adapt to your every move.

Designed for comfort and warmth

Ski leggings for women by adidas have been designed for a feminine and comfortable fit, but also for warmth that is much needed to keep you moving in the cold snow temperatures. The fabric used in the construction provides insulation thanks to a special technology that has been incorporated, whereby fibers are knit tightly together in order to trap body heat and keep you warm in the most natural way. The other important characteristic of the fabric is its stretchiness, thanks to which you will have full flexibility in movements while still being supported in all the right locations. Fleece panels may be added on the outside of some women styles ski leggings, wrapping around your leg for extra warmth and a cosier feeling.

The perfect fit

With this collection of ski leggings for women, adidas aims at nothing less than the perfect fit. This is made possible thanks to the availability of various designs in 3 different lengths to suit your height including petite, standard, and tall, while some styles have an adjustable elastic around the waist that can be tightened or loosened with a hook and loop closure. And for those who like to keep a couple of small essentials close by, a zip key pocket has been included in some styles, adding practical features to your ski leggings for women.