Womens Originals Jumpers


Keep looking good after your workout with women's Originals jumpers

Add comfort and style to your chill-out wardrobe with Originals jumpers for women from adidas. Keep that sports look that matches your lifestyle while hanging out after a workout or just meeting friends for the evening. Women's Originals jumpers are everything you'd expect from adidas clothing: well-tailored apparel designed to be worn over and over again. Using the latest sportswear materials designed to be lightweight and breathable, every aspect of the garment has been considered to match your expectations. From the detail in the stitching to the fashionable designs, adidas Originals jumpers for women are as good-looking as they are comfy. 

Jumpers to keep you warm and make you look cool

Fashion has always been important to adidas. A jumper must not only be functional by providing maximum comfort for times when you are relaxing; they should also look great. Your women's Originals jumper shouldn't just be there to keep you warm after a workout. It should maintain a style that projects your personality. Designers at adidas understand the need to look good and feel great. That is why they take great care to combine the design elements that make adidas one of the most followed brands in the world, with a style you will feel fantastic wearing. From the 3-Stripes detailing in the sleeves or on the shoulders, to using the Trefoil in creative ways to enhance the fashion statement, each women's Originals jumper is created with you in mind.

For you, every day

From the gym to the sofa, you can look and feel every bit exactly who you want to be. The quality of the manufacturing ensures you will not be disappointed, and the history of the brand allows others to know you mean business. Just because you are relaxing, doesn't mean you are not a contender. Women's Originals jumpers are about you and allowing you to express your style in the full knowledge that adidas has your back.