Black Friday: Sports bras

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Black Friday sports bras for consummate support with captivating appeal

Our Black Friday sports bras collection offers captivating appeal and consummate support in a broad range of vivacious styles and designs to ignite your passion for staying in shape while keeping up with fashion trends. Low-support options are available in blends of recycled polyester and elastane interlock, with a racer back, scoop neck and adjustable pads. Medium-support varieties feature a compression fit with removable pads for personalised comfort, while our high-support products offer moulded cups with stabilising inserts and adjustable straps. Get one in rose, royal blue or signal pink for an infusion of dynamic colour to spark your excitement.

adidas Black Friday sports bras set the tone to spark your performance

Set fire to your gym gear and set the tone for an inspiring, high-energy workout with adidas Black Friday sports bras. Breathable stretch and seamless models allow for maximum cool and comfort during high-intensity interval training or complicated yoga routines on the exercise mat. Those with elastic straps and pads score high points for long-lasting support and efficiency while running, hiking and combat training. Others endowed with our unique sweat-wicking tech are peerless for biking or court and field sports, as well as dance classes in the studio.

 Top-quality Black Friday sports bras by adidas for active women

Active women who lead busy lives at home, at work and in the gym demand top-quality, reliable products to complement their performance drive. The collection of Black Friday sports bras by adidas comes to your aid with a sterling selection of products you can feel awesome wearing, available at diminished prices so you can feel just as great purchasing them. Taking good care of your apparel choices is crucial to maintain their performance capabilities and reap the maximum benefits. Our products contain tags on the inside seam which give washing instructions and additional information regarding the use of detergents and ironing.