Weightlifting Suits


Lift your workout to new heights in adidas weightlifting suits 

Our design department has created this range of workout suits especially for you, the powerlifter. By using the very latest innovations in fabric and design technology, the adidas team has designed weightlifting clothing solutions that suit the novice through to expert lifters. Offered in a variety of colours, styles and patterns, the suits are full of athletic appeal. These versatile exercise garments will move with you and help to support your workout. The adidas design studio’s innovative use of recycled polyester combined with a double knit will help you stay cool and comfortable throughout even the heaviest lifting session. Move with confidence knowing you're supported by quality design made with you in mind.

Apparel that supports you when you need it most

You deserve a powerlifting clothing solution that works as hard as you do. That’s why it’s important to choose a kit that is not only practical and good-looking but will also support you as you stretch and reach. The adidas weightlifting clothing range has been designed using stretchy fabrics that allow you a full range of movement, whether you choose to squat, stretch, stand or press with your weights. No need to change for other activities, the weightlifting suits are versatile enough to allow you to switch from the weight room to the cardio machines, spinning session, or into the yoga studio. Team up your suit with adidas branded trainers or boxing shoes to complete your look.

adidas garment care and protection

In order to keep your new adidas weightlifting kit in top condition, take precautions when washing. Machine wash at 30 degrees, and then for best results, adidas powerlifting suits are best air-dried flat or on a hanger. Avoid bleach and dry cleaning products to preserve the integrity and look of the fabrics.