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Waterproof Watches


Be punctual with waterproof watches

Watches have been used for hundreds of years all over the world to help people stay on track and be punctual. Over time they have even turned into a fashion statement. adidas has come out with a wide range of fantastic waterproof watches that can be used underwater without fear of ruining it. These watches are designed to be water-resistant up to 5 ATM. You can go swimming without worrying about losing track of time with these superb waterproof watches. Being on time is an important virtue that everyone needs to practice in their daily lives. Owning a top-quality watch from adidas goes a long way in helping you stay on time in your day to day life.

Choose comfortable yet practical waterproof watches

Besides being waterproof, these watches also offer other versatile functions to make your day easier. They come in streetwear style, allowing you to wear your favourite waterproof watch from adidas with any outfit. The soft silicone strap offers a comfortable fit, making sure that the watch doesn’t slip out of place. Most professional athletes prefer waterproof watches during their workout sessions. It enables them to keep track of time without ruining their watches.

Extra features for added comfort

Additional features like dual time, calendar, stopwatch and so on make the waterproof watch from adidas a must-have accessory in every wardrobe. You can find them in different subtle colours like navy blue, black, red and so on. adidas also offers waterproof watches that come with a stainless steel strap. The strap is a triple-link bracelet model and has hardened mineral crystals. These stainless steel watches will remind you of an era before the digital one. The straps are 22 mm wide and 12 mm thick, making it durable and able to withstand regular wear and tear in the long run.