Waterproof Tights


Stay comfortable, dry and stylish with our waterproof tights

Our selection of waterproof tights and leggings has been designed to ensure you reach peak performance levels and look great while doing so, at the same time as remaining dry and comfortable. We have tights that are suited for all environments and activities, including tights that have been created for specific sports, be it yoga or hockey. Our Equipment leggings have been designed with legs day in mind, featuring moisture-absorbing material for supreme comfort. All of our tights have been crafted using the latest technologies and come with innovative features.

Performance adidas waterproof tights enable you to reach your goals

Workout clothing can have a huge impact on how your body and muscles move while you’re exercising. Performance tights and sports leggings are vital because they make certain that you can work out in a manner that is comfortable yet flexible. Some of our leggings are even made using specialist technologies so that recovery and performance are boosted. For instance, we have a number of tights and leggings that have been designed to enhance blood circulation so that muscle fatigue is decreased and the risk of muscle cramp is lowered. You’re going to get all of this while having the peace of mind that your tights will keep you dry and protected from the elements.

We have the right performance tights for you

In order to make the most of the adidas waterproof tights that we have for sale, we recommend searching based on the activities you’re going to be involved in. We have designed some of our collections with specific sports in mind, as well as having general sports tights for sale. We also have waterproof tights available for juniors and children, enabling you to kit out your entire sports team in style.