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Waterproof Running Trainers


Beyond performance with waterproof running trainers

As you may know, adidas has long held dear to heart the performance-first approach that encapsulates the very ethos of every branded running trainer. Combining this industry-leading approach with the practical advantages of water resistance results in the ultimate running shoe experience. Knockout designs formulated around the principle of energy returns means that every pair of adidas running shoes emits pure style, while also providing you with every advantage you could expect from an activewear trainer. There are no compromises in terms of quality, and the waterproof technology is implemented in an organic and truly unique design language that shouts quality and intentional style. Informed by athletes like yourself, every aspect of our waterproof running trainers takes into consideration the demands set by active runners, thought out and brought to life in unmistakable adidas flair. Dispel limitations and run with confidence in any weather, with shoes that facilitate incredible grip and enhanced energy returns, all while offering up cloud-like comfort and unencumbered lightness. The terrain becomes a non-issue with shoes engineered to perform on and off-road, whether you are on an urban sprint or enjoying a trail run, you can enjoy the trusted quality of adidas active footwear.

No compromises, just a pure excellent experience

Our adidas waterproof running shoes are more than just footwear; they are the very essence of the running experience. Professional grade materials are engineered for uncompromising comfort, with the added benefit of water and wind resistance. The performance-first design is translated into bespoke fashion encompassing the essence of active. A shoe that goes beyond activewear, adidas waterproof running trainers are by no means out of place at home, the office or on the sports field. The complete and undeniable level of comfort makes our running trainers ideal for any occasion.

Great to wear, easy to clean

The same waterproof design that protects your feet from the elements makes for an incredibly easy clean. Dirt and scuff marks disappear under a warm wet cloth, making your adidas waterproof running trainers not only easy to maintain but an obvious choice for your daily active footwear.