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Waterproof Cycling Jackets


Arrive dry with waterproof cycling jackets

Don’t let the weather dictate your cycling experience. Always ready for any weather, our advanced materials and designs offer you the cutting edge in weather insulation. Experience logic-defying breathable insulation, multi-layered embedded materials that keep the cold out and pockets that protect your valuables against the worst climate conditions you may face. Exclusive design features blend practicality with classic adidas aesthetic quality, meaning you will always arrive in style, and the thermal protection means that you may cycle in previously unthinkable temperatures without being hindered by the cold. More than just a cycling jacket, you can wear them for any outing in lousy weather, assured that you are prepared for a rainy day. The premium quality materials make for visually appealing cold wear great for any occasion, meaning you will always be ready for a ride in the worst of weather.

Cycling, come rain or shine

Bad weather is the bane of the serious cyclist. In the UK, bad weather is a constant deterrent. As a committed cyclist, you know all too well that to stick to your routine means braving continuously rainy conditions, not to mention the frankly abhorrent cold. Our waterproof cycling jackets offer the solution, utilising cutting edge materials to create some of the most advanced and effective rain insulated jacket systems that money can buy. 

For everyday bad weather conditions

Not limited to being used solely while cycling, the stylish designs offer practical value for everyday use. Sporty designs mean the best in comfort, while advanced breathability speaks to unmatched thermal protection without suffering humidity. The perfect protection for anyone using a bicycle as a primary means of commute, our waterproof jackets are the ideal protection for your formal wear, even outside of poor weather conditions, offering added protection and ventilation to avoid sweat stains.