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Waterproof cycling jackets


Stay dry on your bike, with waterproof cycling jackets from adidas. A waterproof design helps repel water, moisture-managing material keeps you dry, whilst a hood stops your head from getting wet.

Enjoy the benefits of sports technology in waterproof cycling jackets

When the rain is hammering down, waterproof cycling jackets from adidas have got your back. Advanced technologies ensure you remain warm and dry, even when the weather is against you. A waterproof design stops you from getting soaked through, so you can cycle for longer. Moisture-absorbing materials ensure you stay dry on the inside, by soaking up sweat. Hoods on some of the range also provide additional protection for your head when the rain is battering down.

Water-resistant cycling jackets to keep you dry

Whether you’re on a cycling holiday, training on hills or in a road race, the adidas range of water-resistant cycling jackets provides you with protection throughout the day. With a relaxed and stretchy fit, waterproof cycling jackets allow you to perform your full range of movement without interference. Additional touches, such as pockets for you to store your personal belongings and reflective details to help you remain visible in low lighting, mean you’ll be all set for your ride.

Cycling jackets that offer all-day protection

Waterproof cycling jackets are the perfect addition to your sports wardrobe, so you can continue your ride in comfort. Insulation on some of the range means they are great for long cycles on cold days, whilst breathable materials mean that you won’t overheat, should you be pushing yourself to the limit. It’s also easy to look after our range of cycling jackets, with care labels offering easy-to-follow instructions. Check the label before the first clean to see at what temperature your jacket can be washed and how best to dry it.