Toddlers Swimming Accessories


Toddlers swimming accessories

Swimming is a sport best learned from a young age. To support your young one as they take their first steps in the water, adidas has designed a range of toddlers swimming accessories that will help protect and support kids aged 1 to 4 years. These accessories include swimming goggles to help them jump into the water with confidence, as well as swimming caps that will protect their hair from the harshness of chlorine. All toddlers swimming accessories come in a range of colours that you can pick and choose from, but it’s also possible to conveniently buy both in one single set, ensuring quick and complete protection for your toddler in the swimming pool.

Comfort in and out of the water

When it comes to toddlers swimming accessories from adidas, you can rest assured that all items have been designed for the perfect fit. All goggles have UV-protected lenses to reduce harm to your toddler’s eyes, while clear vision is guaranteed at all times through the application of an ANTIFOG finish. To ensure no water comes in to bother the eyes, silicone moulds surround and effectively seal the lenses. When it comes to caps, a fabric one is soft to wear and gentle on the hair when being taken off, while silicone caps have been moulded for a perfect fit and offer greater water-repellence.

The perfect fit

The adidas collection of toddlers swimming accessories provides both comfort and practicality. While swim caps can easily adjust to the shape of a toddler’s head thanks to their elasticity, goggles have been designed to achieve the perfect fit. A flexible nosepiece can be adapted to fit noses of various sizes, while the back strap can be adjusted to ensure that the fit is not too tight and not too loose.