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Wool Tights

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Wool tights

Wool tights are among the warmest tights you can invest in. All things being equal, women are believed to feel the cold more than men, and thus need the warmest tights to complement their clothing. Girls who prefer to go out in skirts all season can find it challenging to keep their dress style in cold-weather conditions. But these wool tights have features that lock the cold out when you wear them under your skirt or dress. Wool adidas tights also have flatlock seams, an aesthetic finish for a classic look. The tights feature a high waistline that ensures a stay-put fit as you go about your daily activities.

Some unique features of adidas wool tights

adidas wool tights are made with non-itchy material so you can be sure that even after a long day you'll feel comfortable and fresh. What’s more, the fabric wraps snugly around your legs and gives you a warm feeling. If you’re interested in an exceptionally durable pair of adidas tights, these wool tights are the best choice for you. Made from a mixture of wool, poly and elastane, they stretch comfortably and will be long-lasting. Our wool tights have inherent antibacterial properties that fight against and repel unappealing odours, helping to keep your feet feeling cool and fresh even when you’re on the move. Another feature that sets adidas wool tights apart is their in-built ergonomic technology, which provides structure, shape and a super-soft interior for all-day comfort. Wool tights are not only restricted to women – men and kids have also benefited from the extra-warm properties of these tights. The fabric is breathable and contains technology that removes sweat and moisture from the skin. Now there’s no need to sacrifice your style to keep you feeling at the right temperature. Go about your day in warmth and confidence with adidas wool tights.