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High waist leggings

High waist leggings are one of the most versatile outfits, as they are practical as well as trendy. Providing unmatched comfort, adidas high waist leggings also make your daily attire edgy. The wide size range ensures that you get the best fitting. You can choose 3/4 or 7/8 to keep up the universal trend or pick a full length, knee-length, or extra short legging for your specific fit and style. High waist leggings are made with extremely soft, lightweight, and stretchable material which feels seamless. You can also find leggings made from recycled waste material. The moisture-wicking and quick-dry property draws away the sweat and keeps you fresh and dry. You feel cool and energetic under the breathable material and mesh design. Our adidas high waist leggings range also offers tights for keeping warm outdoors during winters. These are soft, stretchable, and insulated to give you a warm feel. With ultimate comfort and flexibility, you can move unrestricted with these leggings and show off your sporting skills.

Boost your performance with the best high waist leggings

By keeping you cool, dry, and active and providing 360-degree reflectivity, high waist leggings take your performance to another level in all sports and leisure activities. A perfect fit provides superb muscle compression making your moves easy and effortless. It also reduces fatigue and strain on your muscles. You can find models with inserted mesh and pre-shaped knees that enhance comfort and improved physical condition for an unmatched performance.

Look your best with high waist leggings

Whether you have an athletic, pear-shaped, petite, or tall body shape, the adidas high waist leggings range has the perfect stylish and functional outfit piece for you. Choose a size and length that goes best with your personality. You can team it up with a casual t-shirt or a cool jacket. The high compression waistband gives you coverage and holds your abs while you show off your toned body and general fitness. Be it in the gym, cycling, running, swimming, golf, yoga, skiing, or street, high waist leggings will always keep you ahead of others in the fashion game.