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Lycra Swim Shorts


LYCRA® swim shorts

Whether you’re going for a recreational swim or a more serious training session, the adidas collection of LYCRA® swim shorts has all the necessary qualities to provide you with the comfort and support required for a better performance. With both adult and kids’ sizes available, these men’s LYCRA® swim shorts are available in a variety of lengths. Choose from boxers, which are the shorter version, or jammers which are knee-length and excellent for swimming styles that need more leg support.

Quality technology and designs

When choosing your LYCRA® swim shorts, it’s important to understand the technologies that go into each style in order to pick the one that’s right for you. Designs that incorporate a four-way stretch allow you to move freely in all directions while still providing protective support. Seams that are sewn in a flatlock style ensure that a minimal amount of water passes through as you swim, which means a better performance for less effort. Infinitex fabric is used to protect your garment from chlorine, as its resistant nature ensures it doesn’t sag or lose its colour over time. In some cases, our shorts are also made using recycled nylon to help reduce waste and emissions.

Style for days

Now that you understand the different technologies involved, you’ll be able to choose the style that you like best in terms of looks and functionality, such as having an inner drawcord elastic around the waist for added stability. You might like to show off the adidas 3-Stripes or simply add a bit of colour on the side of your LYCRA® swim shorts. But if you really want to make a statement, choose a pair printed all over with a graphic design – you’ll also have a few different colour combinations to choose from to suit your personal taste.