Squash your opponents without hurting your wallet

At adidas online you’ll find a full range of squash gear that’s equally suitable for casual players or those who take their game extremely seriously. All of our athletic clothing has been developed using a combination of our in-house R&D and our long association with some of the world’s elite squash players. From squash shoes to long-sleeve or short-sleeve squash jerseys and a range of squash shorts – you can kit yourself out from top to bottom right here. Our squash shoes have extra-grip soles and foot-hugging properties that give you a locked-in sensation without ever feeling too tight. They’re made with breathable uppers to boost circulation around your feet and help keep them fresh and dry, even when you’re under pressure to get control of the T back. You’ll find the combination of adidas durability and performance to be a very cost-effective package.

Own the court in adidas squash women’s and men’s clothing

You’ll have several advantages when hitting the court in adidas squash women’s and men’s kit. The first thing you’ll notice is how much traction and confidence underfoot you’ll get. You’ll also notice how light they are – adidas places a premium on making squash shoes as lightweight as possible through the use of advanced materials. They’re also comfortable and supportive, with cushioned Cloudfoam® midsoles. The comfort factor carries through to our squash shorts and T-shirts. These are made from ventilated materials using a polyester and elastane single jersey blend. This also creates four-way stretch capabilities for maximum flexibility and reach on the court. They will help to keep you cool and dry through their moisture absorbent properties, combined with sweat-wicking technology in the fabrics and mesh inserts at the shoulders, in the case of our Ts.

Improve your on-court performance and your off-court relaxation

We all play better when we feel better, and your game will get a great boost when you step out in adidas squash clothing. The other side of the coin is that you’ll find it so easy to take care of at home. Wash on a regular cold cycle with mild detergent and use a cool iron to touch up if necessary. To get the best use out of your adidas squash clothing, pick out a few different colour combinations so that you can also wear them as casual wear with the rest of your wardrobe.