Squash Shoes


High-performance squash shoes in modern or retro styles

All squash players, from novices to pros, need dependable stability underfoot with high levels of grip. Which is why adidas squash shoes are based on a highly engineered outer sole. They feel really grippy and secure on your feet, thanks to their non-marking rubber bottoms. These are also etched with a 360-degree grip pattern with curved grid edges to impart lateral stability effect as well. They’re ultra-lightweight and are made from a stretchy woven upper with an internal locking system to ensure a secure fit without ever feeling too tight. Midsole cushioning helps to absorb impact, as does the TPU reinforced toe area, which you’ll particularly appreciate during really ambitious lunges. Our squash shoes are available in a choice of modern designs, or classic low-profile retro styles from the 1970s.

Gain more control on court with our squash trainers

The stability that our squash shoes provide will give you the confidence to play more ambitiously, which is sometimes all you’ll need to get the edge over your opponent at crucial times in the game. You’ll be able to plant your feet exactly where you need them to return a delicate drop shot without slipping, or sprint to the back of the court to retrieve a shot to the corner. Additional reinforcement is provided along the sides of the uppers, to help stabilise your feet and reduce the likelihood of an ankle twist as you execute a shot. Our squash shoes come in a wide choice of designs and colours, including the classic contrasting black and white adidas 3-Stripes look.

Get more mileage from adidas squash shoes

While our squash shoes are highly engineered and purpose-designed to take all the rigours of a high-impact sport like squash, they’re also super comfortable. You’ll find them hard to resist when you want to slip on a casual shoe for a trip to the shops or a morning coffee with friends. They look stylish and can complement any sports-casual outfit.