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Snowboarding Boots


A pair of our robust and stylish snowboarding boots will have you carving through the powder in style. Choose from high-top and mid-rise snowboarding boots designs, and a variety of closure options.

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Superstar ADV Boots
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Snowboarding boots

If you’re after support and security both on and off the snowboard, you won’t need to look further than the adidas collection of snowboarding boots, which includes a variety of choices in both high-top and mid-rise boot styles. With upper material options including textile for added flexibility or synthetic leather for controlled movements, and closure style options including laces for a better locked in feeling or ankle straps for added protection, you are guaranteed to find the pair of snowboard boots with feature combinations that were made just for you.

Comfortable warmth

One of the most important characteristics in snowboarding boots should be their ability to provide both protection during a highly active performance and warmth from cold temperatures. The adidas collection achieves the first through the use of responsive midsole cushioning such as Boost which has the ability to store energy and then release it back when you need it, as well as rubber outsoles such as Continental™ rubber or TRAXION™ which provide maximum grip on snowy and icy surfaces. Warmth in adidas snowboard boots is achieved through the use of a special insulating technology consisting of fibers that have been closely knitted together, while allowing sweat to evaporate thus keeping each pair breathable and comfortable.

Made to fit your lifestyle

When choosing a pair of snowboarding boots, it is important to take into consideration your particular needs and preferences. For an optimal fit, choose a style that you can easily adjust for a comfortable performance, and if you expect to be out snowboarding in wet conditions look for a pair which will keep you warm and dry in extreme weather such as those using PrimaLoft® insulation. And for extra relief, choose a pair of snowboard boots that offers a mouldable foam liner such as Ultralon, which takes the shape of your foot to enable a responsive feel.