Ski Leggings


Ski leggings

Winning combinations start with strong foundations. When putting together your ensemble for the season ahead, trust in these ski leggings from adidas to provide you with comfort, support, warmth, and flexibility when you’re out on the slopes. Simply find the style and shape that suits you and let adidas do the rest, using decades of expertise in sportswear innovation to create ski leggings that are up for even the most severe challenges. When the temperature drops and conditions become difficult, these ski tights won’t let you down.

Powered by innovation

Ski leggings and tights may appear simple, but this collection from adidas is all about offering the very best for when you’re facing wintery conditions. Snug fits stay tight to the skin but don’t hinder movement thanks to the use of lightweight and high-stretch materials. On top of that, intelligent insulation is used to retain your body heat and help you stay warm even when the outside temperature plummets. Smaller details such as elasticated waistbands are added for supreme comfort, while zipped pockets are ideal for keeping precious items such as keys safe and close to your person at all times. If you’re looking to stay warm and supported when you’re on the slopes, add a pair of adidas ski tights to your ensemble.

A base for success

Winter sports enthusiasts will know all too well that base layers such as ski leggings and tights are vitally important for when you’re on the mountain. For that reason, accept no compromises. This collection from adidas combines the most innovative technology with sleek and contemporary designs to offer ski wear that performs as great as it looks. Added touches like cosy fleece panels represent a commitment to offering apparel that looks and feels great, letting you focus on simply being your best out on the slopes.