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Shin Pads


adidas Sports Shin Pads and Shin Guards

All football fans know that shin guards are a must when it comes to protecting your legs on the pitch. Shin guard styles from adidas include classic shin pads that strap on, shin pads that are inserted into socks, and shin pad and sock combos that include everything you need to prevent injuries from kicks and other impacts on the field. Choose shin pads in classic colours to match your kit or look for shin protection that features a favourite player’s colours, like Messi’s.

Classic styles for full or low-profile coverage

Shin pads need to stay where they belong in order to provide optimum protection, and adidas designs them to do exactly that. Classic shin guards strap onto your legs, and those adjustable straps mean you can tighten or loosen them easily for total comfort and to get a proper, secure fit. Other details that make classic styles a worthy shin protection option include cushioned EVA backing that absorbs impacts. Integrated ankle guards in some shin pad styles also provide extra coverage to help keep your lower legs safe, though low-profile styles are available if you prefer to protect only the central part of your shin. Outer hard shields made from materials like injection moulded polypropylene create a barrier between your legs and other players’ cleats, so you can feel assured and protected when running across the pitch.

Low-profile styles for enhanced agility

Low-profile shin pads don’t offer the knee to ankle protection you get from a classic style, but they do have other advantages like increased mobility and flexibility. This style of pad protects your shins by sliding inside either compression sleeves or knee-high football socks. No straps are required to keep the shin pads in place – a sock or compression sleeve naturally provides a secure fit. Look for details like EVA padding that cushions your leg from impacts, and either firm outer shells or flexible styles that adjust to the contours of your leg for a perfect fit.