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Red Bathrobes


Red bathrobes

There’s nothing like finishing a swimming training session and slipping straight into a soft and comfortable dressing gown, and what’s better than choosing red as a colour to help you make a statement and get noticed. The adidas collection of red bathrobes has been designed to incorporate everything you might desire to have in an after-swim gown: a classic style that will turn heads, a colour that will distinguish you from the rest of the crowd, and soft fabric that will feel soothing on your skin after a long workout.

It’s not just about the looks

Red bathrobes from adidas are not only designed to look good. Functional characteristics have also been incorporated to give you all the comfort you need after your swim. Lightweight fabric is used to make sure they are easy to carry on the way to the swimming pool and that they will not add extra weight on your shoulders after your exercise session. The durable quality of the fabric ensures that the bathrobes do not lose their colour or their softness with extended use. Finally, the cotton towel fabric used has quick drying properties, ensuring you stay dry and warm and protecting your skin from unnecessary humidity.

Style it up your way

When it comes to red bathrobes from adidas, you will find a number of details that have been incorporated into each design that make the difference between a good and a great dressing gown. A bathrobe with an open front is easy to slip on and off, while a belt around the waist will help you secure it while ensuring you stay comfortable. For a bit of extra cosiness, choose a style with front pockets that allows you to carry a few essential items with you around the pool and will help you keep your hands warm when needed.