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Red Tankinis


Red tankinis

We create high-quality red tankinis that are perfect for the pool or beach. These premium swimwear products possess great design, functionality, and craftsmanship, so they are ideal additions to you and your young girl’s swimming apparels. We use premium fabrics such as Infinitex Fitness, Infinitex+, and Infinitex+ Performance in manufacturing some of our red tankinis to guarantee outstanding durability and lasting fabric quality. They provide outstanding resistance to the harmful effects of chlorine on most swimwear materials, which is why they are perfect for use at the pool or at the beach. You wear use these premium swimsuits at the pool for an extended period of time without worrying about a quick deterioration of the fabric because of chlorine exposure.

Built for comfort and performance

The wide back opening of some of our models allows for great freedom of movement, while the nylon and elastane combination used in some swimsuits offers excellent comfort. These red tankinis are not only designed for comfort but performance as well. Other models have a high leg and X-back cut that lowers leg drag and helps facilitate better movement in the water. Some of our training models have a medium-cut leg, neck and back ideal for training sessions. Other items in our product line also come with a compression fit finish that offers a great supportive feel to facilitate better performance with each swim. With this performance-oriented swim apparel, you can train hard and perfect your strokes or just enjoy every dip in the refreshing water.

Style is on the menu

To cap it off, many of our red tankinis also possess an outstanding design that makes them highly sought-after. Others display the Badge of Sport logo that gives a nice touch to the overall great construction of the swimsuits. For those who aren't scared to stand out, we have models with an allover print that are inspired by the highly competitive swimming arena. Truly, style is on the menu with our top-class red tankinis. Add one to your shopping bag today.